Admissions, Housing & Tuition

Conservatory Prep Schools, Inc. seeks to attract applicants who desire a college preparatory program with an integration of the arts and hands-on, experiential learning, in a small intimate environment. Our students tend to be independent, creative thinkers who are in need of an outlet to expand their talents and express themselves. Based upon the importance of a student’s desire to become part of our learning community, admission is limited to those students who will contribute to the school’s educational and artistic diversity.

Admissions Process – Conservatory Prep interviews both the parents and the student, requires two personal recommendations and individualized testing by a certified psychologist. Students need to demonstrate the ability and desire to achieve in a small, academic and nurturing environment.

Open Admissions Policy – Discrimination on the basis of race, creed, ethnic origin, gender, physical and/or learning disabilities, and other impermissible factors is not tolerated. We are committed to the development of cultural, racial, religious, economic and geographic diversity within our school community. Conservatory Prep will accommodate differences in learning styles within the curriculum.

Zero Tolerance Policy – Conservatory Prep does not tolerate nor accept students with a past history of aggression, drugs or alcohol, or possession of weapons.


Please download, print, complete and return these forms:
Application for Enrollment 2017-2018
Student Questionnaire
Medical Exam Form

References – Provide Recommendation from a current teacher and an adult who knows you in a group setting (e.g. youth group, drama class). Please provide postage and envelopes to ensure the references’ arrival to the Admissions Office.

Records – Provide copies of Official Records, including report cards, including mid-year grades and a record of standardized testing for the past two years, a writing sample and a psycho-educational battery of tests. Conservatory Prep Schools must receive the records directly from the applicant’s school.

Interview – To be scheduled by the Admissions Office after the folder is complete with the above-required information. Students residing more than 100 miles away will need to arrange for an interview via Skype.

Tuition for the 2017-2018 Academic Year – $25,000.

Registration Fees: $500.00 – Our annual registration fee is due with a student’s application for admission to the school.

Materials Fee: $500.00 – The school will provide each student with text books, art and science supplies. Given the nature of our program, students will utilize a significant amount of materials on a daily basis.

Junior and Senior Year Fees: $1,000.00 – The school will provide an array of services related to high school graduation and to assist students in their college application process.This fee includes ACT and SAT test preparation courses.


Students seeking housing to attend Conservatory Prep will be working in partnership with American Homestay Network (AHN). AHN will provide the student with housing, transportation and meals for $380 per week.

International Students:

A fee of $1,500 is assessed to each student to cover the initial processing fees and administrative costs incurred for issuing the Form I-20, and $1,000 for each subsequent year a I-20 student remains enrolled at Conservatory Prep Schools.

International students studying in the United States for the first time, where English is not their first language, will need to enroll in our ESL and acculturation class at Conservatory Prep Schools. The fee for the course is $3,000 for the first year.

International Students Procedure:

Campus Visit & Interview

All international students are welcome to schedule a campus visit and interview when school is in session. If you cannot visit in person, a Skype or telephone interview can be arranged after our admissions office receives your application.

Form I-20

We will issue a Form I-20 to a student after the student has been accepted by Conservatory Prep Schools and the parents have accepted and returned the signed enrollment agreement contract.

A local host address needs to be provided before a Form I-20 may be issued by Conservatory Prep to obtain the F-1 Visa.

If you have any questions, please contact our Principal School Designated Official, Richard M. Weiner, at

Extra Costs for Additional Trips: Each year Conservatory Prep Schools participates in various educational trips, such as the Model United Nations conference at Yale University, the University of Virginia’s Semester at Sea 12-Day Program, or volunteering at an orphanage in Mexico. These trips are not mandatory, but will require additional payment to cover the costs.

2017-18 Financial Aid Evaluation Criteria

Please note that in the past, Conservatory Prep Schools has provided needs-based tuition discounts (in lieu of all other applicable discounts provided by CPS) to families after receipt of all scholarship funds available to them (i.e. – McKay Scholarships).

We have formalized the financial needs assessment process, and attached PDF forms appearing in the text following the Table below. We hope that the Table will assist you in evaluating whether your family will be seeking any needs-based discount against tuition for the upcoming academic year, after any applicable scholarships available for your child’s education. All adults with ANY legal or financial responsibility must comply.

In order to ascertain how much of a discount a family may be eligible to receive (taking all requests into account, and making any necessary pro-rations based upon total assistance requested by all families submitting such requests), please refer to your TOTAL TAXABLE INCOME on your 2017 Form 1040/1040A U.S. Income Tax Return for guidance for your eligibility (no guarantee of any level of assistance).

CPS Needs-Based Levels                       Potential Discount Eligibility

Less than $50,000                                             Up to  $5,000

Less than $60,000                                             Up to  $4,000

Less than $70,000                                             Up to  $3,000

Less than $80,000                                             Up to  $2,000

Less than $100,000                                           Up to  $1,000

Over $100,000                                                   No Assistance.

If you believe you qualify for financial assistance, please print, complete and return the 2017-18 – Financial Statement and Request for Financial Aid and an Form 4506tez – Revision Date August 2014, as well as a copy of your most recent Form 1040/1040A U.S. Income Tax Return to our Business Office which is located at 7479 N.W. 4th Street, Plantation, FL 33317-2227. Should you have any questions regarding this process, please e-mail us at, or contact our Business Office at (954) 321-1815.

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