Using Essential Oils in the Classroom During Flu Season

diffusingHow to Use Essential Oils to Help Fight the Flu

We at Conservatory Prep Schools have been proactive in flu and cold prevention by diffusing therapeutic grade Essential oils. While we cannot prevent everyone from getting ill, we are doing what we can. Aside from washing hands, not using the same utensils and allowing students to have space between them to work, we are diffusing essential oils in the offices and classrooms. Diffused pure essential oils increases oxygen availability, produces negative ions, and are extremely effective in safely eliminating and destroying airborne germs and bacteria. Additionally, the oils increase focus and concentration, reduce stress and anxiety and create a feeling of peace and calm. We use a combination of Doterra and Mellaleuca products. Below are some of our favorites:
*Frankincense *Lemon *Lavender *Lemongrass *Tea Tree *Ylang Ylang * Peppermint

Using therapeutic grade essential oils is only part of the plan to keep our students healthy during flu season. Stress is another factor contributing to a lowered immune system, allowing individuals to be more susceptible to catching a cold or flu. At Conservatory Prep Schools, we aim to lower stress through exercise, proper nutrition, maintaining an environment with soft lighting and teachers  who are committed to providing a low stress environment to our students, making school a safe zone physically,  emotionally and academically.

Conservatory Prep Schools is a middle and high school for college-bound gifted, creative students who are not meeting their potential in a traditional school environment. Located near Fort Lauderdale, FL.

By: Wendy Hirsch Weiner, Ed.D. principal