EdCamp South Florida 2015

Conservatory Prep is proud to host EdCamp South Florida 2015!

Edcamp is a new education movement sweeping the country. It is an “unconference” which allows for teachers to share their best practices in teaching and for schools and educators to network. Edcamp celebrates and honors the wisdom of the teacher. The inaugural event is being geared towards small and mid-sized schools in South Florida. We encourage teachers of grades 4 – 12 to share their best practices with the arts and experiential learning.

Conservatory Prep will be hosting Edcamp South Florida on January 18, 2015 from 9:30AM – 1:30PM. Doors will open at 9:00AM. Please pre-register through Eventbrite, as space is limited.

Please watch the video Edcamp 101 to learn more about the process.

Twice Gifted

 Conservatory Prep Schools is geared towards creative, twice-gifted students who are not meeting their potential in a traditional school environment. Our Edluministic Learning method of integrating the visual and performing arts with problem based learning challenges the twice gifted student’s higher order thinking skills while addressing challenges of organization of thought, sensory-integration, Dyselxia, sequencing, and executive order functioning. With a teacher-student ratio of 1:8, students receive individualized instruction to make sure that skills are developed and learning needs are met. The curriculum is comprised of the following themes: